is a small studio helping architects and real estate developers to communicate their visions for the future. We produce high quality exterior and interior images + video clips and interactive content. Have a look!


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What's on offer?

oevis is a small forward leaning archviz studio with a growing client portfolio, aiming to produce the best possible representations of unbuilt architecture and landscape design. The company was started in early 2017 by Olof Eriksson, after working several years with architectural visualization in-house. 

We offer a creative environment where new ideas are encouraged and few things are set in stone. 

Our office is centrally located in Stockholm / Södermalm with breakfast served every morning. We occupy a separate office space, but share kitchen and other facilities with professionals in architecture, advertising, theatre production, music and graphic design. 

  • Full time employment (40h / week), 6 months probationary period (6 mån provanställning), 5 weeks of paid holiday leave in accordance with Swedish law.

  • Salary according to portfolio and experience.

  • We believe that you are already residing in Sweden (you do not have to be Swedish-speaking). Candidates residing in the EU will be considered but are less likely due to the inherent complications with relocating, housing etc, where we won’t be able to offer any help.

  • This is an in-office position in Stockholm, Sweden. No freelancers or agencies.

Architectural illustrator

1 or 2 positions, emphasis on finding the right candidate(s), preferably able to start in August / September:

It’s fairly straightforward to make a stunning image of a forest pavilion flanked by grazing sheep, but do you have what it takes to make affordable housing next to the highway look appealing? 

Not to imply that we never get to depict those beautiful pavilions, but naturally, most of our projects will be more pedestrian than that, so your ability to come up with clever concepts for the specific project is key. 

We believe you need to:

  • Be capable of producing beautiful exterior images from start to finish with support from your colleagues and some art direction. 

  • Have at least 1-2 years of experience from an architectural office or visualization studio (Although this is not an absolute condition, you will often find yourself outside your comfort zone unless you have the proper understanding of what the clients are looking for, which comes with experience)

  • Be proficient in 3ds max and Photoshop

  • Be proficient in, or be willing to transition to Vray

  • Understand that 3D is merely the first part of the image making process. An image really comes to life when a beautifully rendered frame has the right post processing applied. (Photoshop!)

  • Be fluent in Swedish or English

  • Demonstrate a strong portfolio. Although the job will include making the occasional interior image, the focus of your portfolio needs to be on exterior images. Do not hesitate to include other types of creative artwork / personal projects such as hand drawings. Include your CV. 

The “plusses”:

+ Artistic educational background such as architecture, graphic or industrial design
+ Knowledge in photography 


Send your application with portfolio and CV to olof@oevis.se . Write "Application 2022" in the subject line. Please note that we won’t be able to answer any DMs in Instagram or facebook messenger. All questions / correspondence will be handled through e-mail.

Exterior images

Interior images


About / Contact

In our experience, a project is best presented with one or two carefully crafted images, clearly showing the objective, rather than a dozen shots from multiple angles.

We are always keen on understanding a project and its purpose before getting to work. Hence, we always strive to establish a good contact, either through a clear brief, phone conversation or a face to face meeting when that's possible.


Feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail!

Olof Eriksson
+46 73 751 44 28

M.Sc. Architecture, Lund University, Sweden

Previous employments in architectural visualization:
- Utopia Architects

- Brunnberg & Forshed Architects

- Lund municipality


Christoffer Karlsson

3D-Visualizer with an educational background in architectural visualization

Previous employments in architectural visualization:

- Liljewall Arkitekter


Interview from 2019: The “d2 conference” is an annual event for visualizers in Vienna, Austria. This is a talk with Jason Bergeron, organizer of the conference, and Olof, about running a small business.